Student Services

The best part of Suncoast Charter Schools is our commitment to each individual student. We understand that students will have questions throughout the school year, and will need ongoing support as they adapt to our unique educational model. We provide a number of helpful services, so students know they are not alone in their studies, and that someone is always there to offer friendly guidance. Student services include:

One-on-One Support
Students have frequent, meaningful discussions with instructors, both in class and online, via email or chat.

The Suncoast Charter Schools Resource Library provides age appropriate reading material electronically and in hard copy form at our Vista campus. Homeschool families can find a wide variety of materials to support the curriculum in all subject areas for free, so that instructional funds can be used for extra-curricular activities or consumable materials.

Online Courses
Students in our Independent Study program can access courses online any time, and from anywhere it is convenient

Students can seek college prep advice and guidance, or ask any questions that will help them academically or emotionally

Suncoast Charter Schools will periodically publish informative newsletters and resources to help keep students and teachers informed on the latest news and upcoming events.

Please contact our main office at (760) 630-4080 for help with enrollment, transcripts, counseling, testing, attendance, student services, or to answer any other questions you may have.

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