Making the decision to enroll your child in a public charter school is an important one. We understand that you want the best education for your child. Traditional public schools tend to teach in a one-size-fits-all structure. We believe that children are unique and diverse learners, who greatly benefit from individualized attention, and a focus on specific needs and goals.

Talented Teachers

Teachers not only have teaching credentials and extensive experience, but they are also personable and genuinely committed to providing a quality education. They work with students one-on-one to understand and build upon their strengths. If a student is struggling, measures are taken to help him or her catch up. Class sizes are small, so that each student gets that personal attention, and no one falls through the cracks.

A Committed Community

Each program at SCCS enjoys an active, inviting community in which families work together to contribute to the best possible educational experience for their children. Our programs bring together students with different backgrounds and life experiences—giving everyone the opportunity embrace diversity and learn to be tolerant, caring individuals.

Programs to Fit Your Family’s Needs

Suncoast Charter Schools offers innovative alternatives to traditional public school—which allow personalization of your child’s education based on interest, aptitude, and optimal learning environment.

Each program is customized to the needs of the learner with parents, students, and teachers working together to create an environment where young minds can excel and be challenged each and every day.

Our Students

SCCS students are what really make our schools great. Students become engaged learners, actively participating in class and enthusiastic to come to school. With programs centered on the child, while still meeting Common Core state standards, they can really reach their full potential and shine academically.

Students and parents are given choices with our public charter schools—whether you would like your child to be immersed in a second language, or have a flexible college-prep focused class schedule. Take control of your child’s education, and give them confidence, and every advantage for success.

SCCS provides a number of student services to ensure a smooth and rewarding educational experience.

Awards and Accreditation


Suncoast Charter Schools, Lakeside (Suncoast Charter Schools) is accredited by WASC-ACS the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Accrediting Commission for Schools.

In addition to completing a rigorous accreditation process, Suncoast Charter Schools has also sought external validation from the College Board, the University of California (UC) system and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletic (NAIA).

Suncoast Charter Schools has gained the approval for core courses from all three entities. The UC “a-g” approval ensures that students are academically prepared for college level coursework and have a strong foundation across all subjects. Similarly, NCAA and NAIA develop rules and policies to ensure the academic commitment of student-athletes and to increase the likelihood that they will go on to college.


Suncoast Charter Schools prides itself on high academic standards. While there is no reward greater than seeing students happy and successful, we are honored to have received the 2015 California Gold Ribbon School Award by the California Department of Education.

The award recognizes schools that have made tremendous gains in implementing academic content and performance standards, which include:

  • Common Core State Standards for English, Language Arts, and Mathematics
  • California English Language Development Standards
  • Next Generation Science Standards

Suncoast Charter Schools also received the Title I Academic Achievement School award—meaning all students are showing significant progress toward proficiency on California’s academic content standards—and the 21st Century Learning Exemplar School award for successfully demonstrating 21st century learning.

What People Are Saying

We love the awesome community we’ve created—with parents, educators, and students coming together to make a positive difference in the lives of our youth. Read what our caring community has to say about Suncoast Charter Schools!

“Young women, who have been historically underrepresented in the industry, are encouraged to be involved in STEM projects such as robotics where they are able to learn fundamentals of computer science.”

– Dr. M. Amin

“One of the main things I like about Suncoast Charter Schools1001 STEAM is the culturally supportive and understanding staff. My daughter feels accepted and this helps her to easily focus on her academics without other worries. The staff works to ensure a safe and clean environment for students to work in. This eases stress and worry on my part as a parent, because I know she is on a campus that prioritizes her well-being.”

– Hafsa M.

“I am extremely happy because my son is learning with joy and that’s what matters most to me.”

– Roxana Y.

“We have really enjoyed being a part of the Suncoast Charter Schools homeschool program… we’ve loved the accountability and services it provides to families, as well as the independence it allows them to maintain. It’s been a great experience!”

– Amy W.